10 Signs Of Marijuana Addiction – They May Be More Subtle Than You Think

Whether you refer to it as cannabis, pot, dope, ganja, or weed is irrelevant. It is the illicit substance that is available on the street in the greatest quantity and is also one of the least expensive. Because marijuana is not a stimulant, the signs and symptoms of marijuana addiction can be quite subtle. As a result, it is common for family members of addicts to be unaware of their condition. The misconception that cannabis, also known as weed, is not wholly addictive and that it is a sedative that possesses therapeutic qualities also contributes to the problem. I don’t think so! It is possible that it has curative qualities, but if you have to take it in order to get to sleep or carry out your daily activities, then it is an addictive substance.

Here are some of the less obvious indications that someone may have a problem with marijuana addiction. Be on the lookout for them because it’s possible that you live with an addict.

  • It is possible for users to feel as well as appear exhausted and lethargic.
  • They engage in extensive lying and denial in order to cover up their addiction.
  • Slurred speech as well as a sluggish physical appearance.
  • Alterations to one’s usual practices of personal hygiene and grooming.
  • Having a reclusive and unsociable attitude.
  • A tendency to experience depressive episodes and/or panic attacks.
  • Mood swings and erratic behavior that are not consistent with who they are as a person.
  • Unease and apprehension are present.
  • a lack of concentration and a short attention span are both symptoms of this condition.
  • a loss of appetite that is accompanied by occasional bouts of binge eating.

A dependency on cannabis can also be identified by more severe and noticeable cues, in addition to these more subtle indicators. There are some very serious health and psychological repercussions, some of which are so harmful that they are irreversible and cannot be fixed in any way. These symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, liver failure, brain damage, and swelling in the brain. It is possible that the effects of cannabis are more subtle than those of the so-called “hard core” drugs because cannabis has healing properties, and these properties are responsible for the “sedation” or “ease” that so many cannabis users swear by. However, it enters the bloodstream and begins to kill the brain cells almost immediately. The irony is that most people report feeling somewhat “smarter” after they have used some marijuana, despite the fact that this is a direct result of the drug’s ability to kill brain cells. This is due to the fact that the brain is being overstimulated, and over time, it is unable to supply sufficient oxygen to accommodate for this overstimulation.

Is it D day for dagga?

Marijuana, Mary Jane, dagga, doobie – whatever you choose to call it, this wonderful and wacky weed has been a seed of contention around the world for years. Recently, the American government decided it would be in their best interests to legalise marijuana in certain states and South Africa, being the progressive hub it is, seems set to follow suit. Although it is doubtful that the president and his cabinet have any plans to legalise the plant anytime soon, there are a lot of other ways you can enjoy your marijuana, hemp or other doobie-based products including being legal to buy and grow your own seeds.

In fact, those who love the idea of smoke, pause, enjoy may be happy to hear that dagga festivals are already around. D-Night is a famous event that occurred this past weekend and though you may not have been able to buy the actual wacky tobaccy, if you attended, you may have had the chance to learn more about the culture of cannabis. This party took place at my house on Saturday and the resident DJs, the Dagga Couple, made sure it was a spectacular event for all.

At just R100 to attend, partygoers were treated to lots of food and drink, all themed of course. The special of the day was the Cosmic Cannabis Coffee Combi and the music pounded through the night. Whether anyone was sober enough to enjoy it is another issue entirely, but this was one way Johannesburg differentiates itself from other cities.

Will there be other such festivals? The word is not yet out, but knowing the crazy residents of our beloved city, it may not be long before we have a festival celebrating the goodness of anything from fruit juice to leather goods. Residents are taking the city into their own hands and this is pretty evident considering the D-Night festival. Whether this festival and others like it will become the norm for our citizens is yet to be seen, but those who like the idea of partying through the night and protesting legal bills should check out Facebook for more.